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Classroom-style ultra short throw projectors for home theater?

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I have a large room and wall to project on, but I plan to keep my screen around 100" as I either hope to build one myself with the DIY blackout cloth or to buy a decent pull-down screen. My budget is about $500.

There's been a bit of talk about these newer short throw and ultra short throw projectors, which I really like the idea to keep shadows low. While looking for a projector though, they can easily be well over my $500 budget new! I happened to come across some used school smart board projectors locally though, which are for sale at about $150-300 each. They are Epson Powerlite 480's and Hitachi CP-AW250N's. The specs on paper seem to make these sound like good, cheap home theater projectors, but I know that specs on paper could be different than real world experience!

Does anyone here have experience with these smart board types of ultra-short throw projectors, or any other similar models? 

Please help.

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