Art Teacher in Utah Fired After Showing Students Classic Paintings Containing Nudity


An elementary school in Cache Valley, Utah fired an art teacher after claiming that students became uncomfortable by post cards that depicted classical paintings, a few of which contained nudity. One parent even called the police, accusing the teacher of showing the students pornography. The saga …

Utah teacher fired for showing students classical paintings containing nudity


Mateo Rueda, a former art teacher at Lincoln Elementary in Hyrum, Utah, said he planned to appeal his termination to clear his reputation, FOX13 reported. The teacher said he was not aware that a set of educational postcards from the school's library contained a few works depicting nudity when he …

Utah teacher to appeal firing after students see nudity in art


Logan • A Utah art teacher says he will appeal a decision to fire him after his sixth-grade students saw nudity in classical paintings. … was fired after police came to the school to investigate a classroom-pornography complaint filed over the educational postcards at the elementary school library in Hyrum.

Opinion: Don't assume that every student had a fun or warm holiday break


For this mother and her child, school means something more than just getting an education. School is a place to have food and shelter from the cold. School is a place of support. The holiday season is a time of joy and cheer for most of us. It's a time to relax and eat; a time to catch up with family and …

800000 Washington residents owe studentloan money — to the tune of $24B


About 800,000 Washington borrowers owe money on student loans, a number that has increased by about 35 percent in the last decade, according to the report by Ferguson's office. Over that time period, public and private college and university tuition skyrocketed, and many more students attended a …

Why do so many Republicans hate college?


The suit unfortunately leaves out the fact that Arizona has cut state funding per student by 41 percent since 2008, second only to Louisiana in higher-ed disinvestment. … Most troubling — at least from an economic perspective — Americans are losing faith in the payoff of a college degree. In an August …

Why this school keeps kids outside even if it's 10 degrees


INDIANAPOLIS — It wasn't 10 a.m. yet, but the kids in Heather Girton's preschool class had been outside in the 30-degree weather for nearly an hour. One student came tearing through the forest surrounding Orchard School, a private school in northern Indianapolis, to co-teacher Caroline Glowacki.

No place for 'snowflakes': Conservative Christian college poised to open in 2018


Our mission is to provide classical education that instructs the mind, discipleship that shapes the soul and inspiration that inflames the heart.” Sattler College hopes to enroll about 300 students, with tuition set to be only $9,000 a year – a fraction of what most private college charge. The liberal arts school …